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11 Natural Cheats For Getting Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is a very common disorder that affects woman of all ages, sizes and shapes. It is, in fact, fat deposit that appears on the skin like an orange peel, being produced by hormones, unhealthy lifestyle and genetics. It is necessary to minimize the appearance of the cellulite as soon as you notice it, as it tends to worsen over time. We recommend you to follow some of the most common home remedies that are presented above:

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  1. Hydration

It is critical to drink as much water as possible or at least the minimum of 2 liters per day for different reasons. On one hand, it is needed to break down cellulite. On the other hand, it helps flush the toxins and fat deposit after cellulite is removed.

  1. Use a dry brush

When you use a dry brush to “massage” the skin the pores open up and make room for the dead skin to come out. Moreover, blood circulation and collagen production are stimulated which make your skin more moisturized and softer. Use a natural bristled brush and massage towards the heart.

  1. Coconut oil

It has many functions: it contributes to skin elasticity, it reduces the hunger, it burns fat or increases metabolism. You can consume it either orally or directly on your skin.

  1. Coffee scrub

Coffee scrub has incredible and unexpected results if applied twice a week and have massaged the affected area for about ten minutes.

  1. Derma-roller

In spite of the fact that it may be uncomfortable, a good Derma-roller helps in the process of collagen production, renewing the dead cells with new ones.

  1. Rosemary oil

Apply daily after Derma-rolling of bath a mixture of rosemary, jojoba and juniper oil and massage for several minutes. It will definitely improve the blood circulation and will detoxify your body.

  1. Birch oil

In combination with other mineral oils such as juniper or rosemary, birch oil strengthens the skin and reduces the quantity of fat deposit under the skin. You can apply it after bath or Derma-rolling.

  1. Rose hip seed oil

This oil contains vitamin A and fatty acid, which make it act like a moisturizer and skin cleaner. Through massage it can reduce cellulite and give the skin its elasticity.

  1. Blood circulation

A proper blood flow contributes to the elimination of cellulite. So, avoid tight clothes, and physical exercises that imply tight muscles, because they may restrict the blood flow. Replace them with yoga or Tai Chi.

  1. Massage

Another blood stimulant is the massage. It reduces toxin deposit under the skin and help metabolize the fat cells. You can perform massage during your bath or simply on dry skin, by using different oils.

  1. Eat different

Food is also important in preventing cellulite. Therefore, try to replace sugars, carbohydrates and unsaturated oils with fiber, fruits, veggies and non-saturated foods such as avocado or almond. And avoid high quantities of sodium!

11 Natural Cheats For Getting Rid Of Cellulite

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