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Pregnancy Insomnia Herbal Tea Recipe

It had been demonstrated that 8 out of 10 pregnant women, usually in their third trimester, suffer from insomnia. The most probable cause seems to be a strange combination of hormones and specific conditions such as heartburn, anxiety, frequent urination or leg cramps.

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How to Get Rid of Calcification on Your Teeth

Teeth calcification is considered a periodontal disease and is formed through the increase of the plaque deposit up on your teeth. With a yellow or white color, it can produce tooth decay or gum disease if not taken care of. One of the main process to success is home tooth …

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How to get rid of tartar and plaque formation at home

When you do not take care of your teeth properly, you don’t brush and floss them accordingly, you may cause plaque, which, ignored, leads to tartar formation, a form of plaque that is very difficult to remove and which can produce tooth decay or gum diseases. All these issues can …

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The best solutions to reduce dark circles under the eyes

Because they make you look tired and older, dark circles under your eyes are something that you want to get rid of as fast as possible. The causes may be various and the remedies as well. However, if they are caused by genetics or by a disease, then they are …

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Turmeric and yogurt face mask

We all know that Indian women have a beautiful, smooth and young skin. This is due to their turmeric based regime. This ingredient has antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic properties, fighting against blackheads, acne or eczema. In what considers the skin, it contributes to its softness, smoothness, youth and elasticity.

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