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Home Remedies for Dry Itchy Skin on Elbows

The skin of the elbows is very sensitive and delicate, drying very fast, particularly during the winter or other periods with low humidity. This situation can be solved at home by following natural and safe steps.

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Exfoliate again and again.

Exfoliation is the most important step in getting rid of dead cells and skin. You should scrub your skin every time you take a shower, due to the fact that the skin is damp. Be careful, though, not to produce more harm if you rub to strong. After the exfoliation, dry the elbows with a towel and apply some olive oil.

Petroleum Jelly

This substance is the most effective in the combat against dry skin and you can find it in every drugstore. Apply a layer of jelly and cover the elbows with a clean sock or tennis wristbands in order to protect the area and develop its effects during the night.

Kitchen mode

Use a banana peel on the dry elbows, rubbing for several minutes, in order to calm the affected area. Moreover, you can use some Greek yogurt which is rich in lactic acid or a combination of equal parts of oil and brown sugar. After the rubbing, you can apply some olive oil on the skin, massaging in order to soften the skin texture.

Home Remedies for Dry Itchy Skin on Elbows

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