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How to Fix Your Fatty Liver?

One of the most common diseases in the USA is NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), on short “fatty liver”. It is described as a liver full of fat that eventually causes chronic disease and inflammation in the body. Research has proven that the main cause of this disease is fructose corn syrup, which is mostly met in soda, the number one drink that American consume.

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It can only be discovered after you make a series of analyses such as ultrasounds or blood tests.

It is considered a severe disease because it creates an open chain of issues. It causes inflammation, which creates pre-diabetes, which also forces your body deposit fats and so on until it may produce a heart attack.

Of course, there are solutions to fix your fatty liver:

  • Eliminate fructose corn syrup from your routine by avoiding any product – food or drink – that contains this substance;
  • Reduce or eliminate starchy foods
  • Consume healthy food. Introduce fruits, seeds, vegetables, essential oils or lean animal protein – chicken or fish – in you died because they help repair the liver.
  • Do exercise. In this way you improve your metabolism and reduce fat deposits.
  • Be careful which supplements you use. Make sure they help boost glutathione in your liver, a detox substance. You can also use vitamin B or magnesium.
  • Consume detoxifying liver-repairing foods such as broccoli, cabbage, collards, daikon radish, garlic, onions, which help repair and heal your liver.

If you take into consideration these suggestions, you may prevent the installation of a fatty liver. The important thing is to have as much as possible a healthy lifestyle, do sport and avoid consuming fast food and chemicals on a regular base.


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