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Pregnancy Insomnia Herbal Tea Recipe

It had been demonstrated that 8 out of 10 pregnant women, usually in their third trimester, suffer from insomnia. The most probable cause seems to be a strange combination of hormones and specific conditions such as heartburn, anxiety, frequent urination or leg cramps.

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Initially, pregnant women feel the need to sleep as much as they can; eventually, though, they cannot get asleep anymore. Or worse, when, after hours trying to fall asleep, tossing and turning in the bed, you finally manage to fall asleep, you have a horrible nightmare that doesn’t leave you to continue your precious night’s rest. Consequently, you start searching for a solution to your problem. A good remedy for this health condition is a recipe written by Jennifer Louden in her book The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book, called Pregnancy Insomnia Herbal Tea. Her recipe is based on 4 main ingredients: lavender, chamomile, lemon grass and linden.

Lavender is very helpful when it comes to sleeping issues. It alleviates anxiety and other disturbances, relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress, either through aromatherapy or by drinking tea. Its healing properties have been known since antique times as it treats insomnia, headaches and anxiety and helps the human body relax when drunk as tea.

Lemon grass is a medicinal herb used to cure flus, nasal congestion, anxiety and colds. Due to its high level of vitamin A, this ingredient is used in the composition of different culinary dishes, pharmaceutical products and recipes or skin care products. Generally, lemon grass is administrated as tea, having a very aromatic flavor.

Linden is a herb with many medical properties, being usually used to cure colds, coughs, clear nasal passages, break mucus from the throat or relieve a stuffy nose. In addition, it is a good sedative, reducing anxiety and combatting insomnia, when consumed as tea.

Chamomile is a very well-known plant, particularly for the fact that it helps people recuperate their lost nights and rest. It appears as a main ingredient in the majority of the recipes that destined to cure insomnia or sleep issues. In normal quantities, it can help pregnant women sleep well and rest properly, whereas in large quantities, it may produce damage to your body, such as uterine contractions.

Remedy: Prepare a tea by soaking equal quantities of lavender, lemon grass, chamomile and linden into boiling water. Let it rest for about 20 minutes, then serve the tea hot, with honey and a slice of lemon, as you wish. Unlike other herbal mixtures, this tea has a very delightful smell and taste, so you will definitely love it. Just make sure you do not exaggerate.

Pregnancy Insomnia Herbal Tea Recipe

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