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Really effective home treatments for cellulite

Generally, women are affected by cellulite, no matter if they are young, old, fat, thin, common women or celebrities. They all search different ways of getting rid of it. Cellulite is usually caused by hormones, lifestyle and genetics. This information is not relevant for the ‘patients’, they only want to eliminate cellulite of their lives. Leaving aside what you can find on the market, we present you several home treatments that can really help you. They focus on a healthy lifestyle and we highly advise you to introduce them in your daily routine.

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Cayenne and coffee body scrub. On one hand, coffee grinds stimulate your blood circulation which leads to the prevention and reduction of cellulite. You can either drink daily the prepared coffee grind of you can simply apply it to the skin surface in order to exfoliate and remove the dead cells, making room for healthy cells. On the other hand, the cayenne pepper helps your body burn the fats and increases the circulation and the metabolism. Therefore, if you manage to combine both ingredients with olive oil and prepare a body scrub, you will be thankful for this miracle remedy.

Soak in seaweed. Seaweed helps in detoxifying your body and providing minerals for your skin. Put in your bath water (tepid) some seaweed and soak in for 25, every evening before going to bed. In this way, your body will absorb all the good ingredients that help to combat the cellulite.

Dry brush. This method improves circulation while the exfoliation process. Use a natural bristle brush and before taking a shower, brush your skin for several minutes. You should make up and down movements and start the procedure from your feet and go up to the shoulders.

Of course you can support these methods by consuming supplements and foods that strengthen the connective tissues, repair cells and stimulate circulation.


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