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Scrubs and gels for dark circles

The market is full of cream, gels and ointments that can help reduce the under eye circles. But you must pay a lot of attention when choosing them, because they have to contain active ingredients such as vitamin E which reduces dilated blood vessels, vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids, which stimulate the collagen production.

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  1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

This eye cream moisturizes and protects the skin around your eyes, reducing the dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles that can appear. Moreover, it gives the skin its smoothness and softness.

  1. Oriflamme Optimal Eye Cream, Seeing is Believing

As the name suggests, this cream removes dark circles, moisturizing the skin around your eyes. It needs to be applied for about 2 weeks in order to notice considerable effects.

  1. Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel

The market offers you one of the most effective and cheapest products that combat under eye skin conditions. When applied, it creates a cooling effect, refreshing the eyes. If applied with regularity, it reduces the dark circles under the eyes. In this way, within a month you may notice considerable effects.

  1. Khadi Under Eye Gel

Rich in natural ingredients such as olives, soy, almond, protein and Aloe Vera, this gel, moisturize and cool the affected area under your eyes. If used properly, the eye gel can reduce the dark circles, puffiness and lines under the eyes as well.

Scrubs and gels for dark circles

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